Head & Heart


The head is a tough old man. It demands reason, logic, rationale. It asks difficult questions. It takes every claim with a barrel of salt. It is sensible and measured in its response, and weighs all pros and cons before making a decision.


The heart is a child. It is drawn spontaneously to beauty and grace and love and happiness. It feels fear and anger. Disgust too. It understands the primal language of colours and smiles. Of symbols and tears. It loves or hates instinctively. It decides first, and looks for reasons later.


Hi, we are Clayground. As a brand communications agency, we understand this dichotomy well. And the need, therefore, for brands to talk to both the head and the heart of their customer. While the degrees may vary, both must be addressed for the brand to make a deep and lasting impact. At Clayground, we create communication that attempts to do exactly that.

If it is not gorgeous,
it will not be seen.

If it is not well thought-out,
it will not be understood.

If it is not honest,
it will not be felt.

Clayground is an independent communications agency set up in 2012. We bring with us a depth and width of experience gained over many years in the advertising industry. We work with an eclectic mix of clients in India and abroad, and have created some engaging work across media.


We offer a broad spectrum of brand services of including visioning and strategy, positioning, identity design, and communication across different consumer touchpoints, be it in Advertising, Design, or Digital.


The team is a collective of seasoned professionals and talented young turks. Passionate, together, and just the right mix of sensible and crazy.

A word about our founder
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